Conditional Letter


There is no question that organizing and delivering a successful and safe exchange requires a lot of the Group Organizer. 

That is why, from as early as the first page of the online application, we want to be up front with you about what exactly is required. 


When you are offered a potential exchange and twin organizer contact information, the YMCA has only your online acknowledgement of the conditions of participation.  Therefore, once we have received your signed Acceptance of Twinning form, your Regional Coordinator will send to you a Conditional Letter, including a written copy of the Agreement Terms and Conditions and give you your “Regional Due Date”


Please sign this conditional letter and have your supervisor sign it as well( if applicable).  Once it has been signed please scan or fax it back to your Regional Coordinator by the date given, or as soon as possible.  If there are issues with signing or more time is needed please connect to let us know.


We also know that there are a lot of documents to keep track of when organizing a YMCA exchange and that is why we are sending you a Paperwork Checklist at the beginning.  Our expectation is that you take a look through this list before signing and submitting the Conditional Letter.

If you have any concerns or questions about the list of conditions, the list of documents and/or your assigned due date, you must speak with your Regional Coordinator as soon as possible.



If you are experiencing difficulty with this website please contact us.  Please let us know what your issue is