Bringing the right bags on board

from Air Canada website

June 03, 2015

Ensuring your travel is easy, comfortable and safe is our top priority. We also know how important it is for you to depart for  your destination without delay, with your most important travel items with you onboard.


So as of June 1, 2015 we're continuing to introduce a new carry-on baggage process to help make sure that happens. Please ensure your carry-on bags meet Air Canada’s carry-on baggage policy both is size and in number of bags. In late May we started checking and tagging carry on baggage at Toronto Pearson and it is reducing delays and creating more comfort onboard. We're continuing to introduce this process across Canada throughout June at all airports served by Air Canada, Air Canada Express and Air Canada rouge. ‎We'll  have staff at both check-in and security checkpoints to quickly confirm and tag your carry-on bags that meet Air Canada’s existing carry-on dimensions as “approved”. This will make it easier and safer to stow your personal items on board, may help reduce wait times at security, and will help avoid flight delays caused by larger bags being checked at the gate. 



If a piece of your carry-on baggage needs to be checked we will be happy to help with that at check in.  If you get to security and need to check a bag that exceeds allowable size limits, not to worry. We’ll give you a special card that will get you quickly back to a check-in agent, and then on to your departure gate.


Please remember that carry-on bags which exceed Air Canada’s policy for size and number will need to be checked, and standard fees will apply.

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