During Exchange

Groups experience the diversity of Canada by visiting the twin community and learn to see their own community through their "twin's eyes" when hosting.

Participants live in a home that may be very different from their own, open their own home to a new person, and interact with peers who may speak another language and be from another culture.


During the exchange phase, each group takes a turn travelling to their twin’s community and hosting their twin group. Youth participate in group education and regional cultural activities and spend time with and get to know their hosts. Participants plan and hold a community-engagement project in each community. Throughout this period, the YMCA provides support and guidance to help ensure a successful exchange.


Activities include:

  • Youth meet and spend time with their hosts.

  • Hosting groups work with their guests to implement their exchange program plan.

  • Participants initiate their community engagement activity that connects youth in the community through volunteering or fundraising.

  • The YMCA supports groups to ensure their exchange is successful.



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