Emergency Planning


You should be prepared to deal with any emergencies, medical or otherwise.  A complete Emergency Plan is required from both groups before the YMCA will make the group’s travel arrangements.  You are designing the Emergency Plan for when you are hosting and travelling and you will want to work closely with your twin leader to develop the plans for both sides of the exchange.


An Emergency Plan includes:

  • Communications Planning – What is your group’s contact protocol?  How will parents be able to reach their youth or the group leader if required?

  • Responsibility – Who will be responsible for the group at different times of the host plan?

Make sure to include your plans for supervision, including during Common Stays if applicable.

  • Details on how the group is prepared to deal with an emergency

  • How to deal with a lost participant

  • How to deal with an ill or injured participant

  • Ground Rules – Provide a list of ground rules that your group agrees to follow and detail what is your plan to deal with a participant who is not following them.


Many schools and organizations already have suitable plans that you can incorporate into your YMCA exchange Emergency Planning.

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