Within two weeks of the exchange, you will receive links to an online evaluation.


Evaluations are a vital tool the YMCA uses to improve the program. Also, the funder requires evaluations. So, please complete them promptly and encourage your youth and families to complete them as well.


You will also receive a link to fill out the Post-Exchange Follow up Report.  Please complete this as soon as you can.  A follow up call will be arranged to talk about your Exchange Experience.


Please send your Regional Coordinator a copy of your final host program, which includes any changes you made from the detailed program you sent in before the exchange. Send, also, any updated financial reports and estimate-of-participant hours forms.

Please include any newspaper clippings and photographs that help describe your exchange experience.

Refer to our worksheet of activities for other ways to debrief your exchange.

If you are experiencing difficulty with this website please contact us.  Please let us know what your issue is