Financial Report/In Kind Donations

You and your group will have to decide how much you'll need to spend- and raise- for the exchange.  Please record all your revenue and expenses on this page. Extra lines have been included so that you can add your own actvities.

Ensure that there is balance between revenue and expenses so as not to put too much hardship on the group members or community.


You will need to submit this completed when all the rest of your documents are due.  Please note that at that time this may not be a FINAL report.  If this is the case, make sure that you indicate this on the document.


If this is a draft you will need to submit a FINAL report before your twins travel documents are released.

If you have received any In Kind donations you should include them on the Financial Report.

If you are experiencing difficulty with this website please contact us.  Please let us know what your issue is