Group Leader


The group leader

  • choose the group members and makes sure each is matched with a participant from the twin group

  • makes sure the host families are screened

  • promotes interaction among group members

Organizes for the group

  • leads members in planning and implementing the orientation, host program and follow up phases

  • helps group members develop leadership and interpersonal skills

  • return the required documents to your Regional Coordinator by the assigned due date

  • raise awareness of the exchange with parents and throughout the community using information sessions, letters, local media, etc

  • is aware of medical issues

Travels with the group

  • participates in and supervises the group while visiting the twin community

  • take responsibility for the group at all times while staying in the host community

  • has a plan to deal with medical or other emergencies

  • works with members to resolve personal and group difficulties that arise

  • links the group with the YMCA Exchange office and stays in regular contact with Regional Coordinator

Makes arrangements

  • completes all required forms, including the group leader evaluation form

  • receives all travel documents from travel agent

  • ensure that participants complete and return all evaluation forms to the address indicated

  • encourage continued interaction between the groups to promote lasting links among participants

  • encourage youth to share the experience with other groups

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