History and Heritage Activities

 In June 2013, the Government of Canada announced a series of new measures to promote Canadian history.  Programs funded by the Exchanges Canada Program of the Department of Canadian Heritage are encouraged to include activities that allow program participants to learn about and experience Canadian history and heritage.


Canadian history and heritage content  is considered to be any activity that encourages youth to learn about, gain knowledge of, or experience:

  • Meaningful events and artifacts from Canada’s past (history); and/or

  • Commemorating key nation-building milestones that defined our country and made us who we are; and/or accounts of the diverse traditions, ideas, creative works, and other cultural memories that have had, and still have, a positive influence on the lives of Canadians (heritage).


Programming topics related to Canadian history and heritage may include:

  • Onsite historical, cultural, geographical, or political activities, such as Aboriginal drumming sessions, multi-cultural evenings, mock elections, talent shows showcasing regional diversity, etc.

  • Site visits of natural history locations (such as visits of historic sites or museums, national parks, etc.)

  • Workshops / discussions / simulation / games that explore some aspect of Canadian history (from a national or regional perspective)

  • Explorations of historic places (such as Vancouver’s Chinatown or  Ottawa’s Byward Market) with an integrated educational aspect.

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