Activities during this phase of the exchange include but not limited to:

  • Encourage continued communication between participants.

  • Continue to communicate through social media, letters, emails, etc.

  • Complete YMCA Youth Exchanges Evaluations.

  • Participate in YMCA phone follow up with Regional Coordinator.

  • Debrief the experience with the group.


Share the experience

Here are some ideas on how to share your exchange experience with your community. (see more on these in the workbook page 51)

  • slide show

  • display

  • book

  • newsletters and articles

  • video

  • website

  • cook

  • skit

  • photo swap

  • share souvenirs

Post Exchange


The experience continues, even after the travelling and hosting are done.  Follow up activities and discussion allow the group members to focus their observation.

To bring closure to the exchange experience, it's important to provide an opportunity for everyone involved, parents as well as group members, to talk as a group about the good and the bad points of the exchange and what they learned.

The results of this discussion will help when you are completing your evaluation for the YMCA Exchange office.

Typical post-exchange activities will include: completion of the Exchanges Canada post-exchange questionnaire by youth participants, parent/guardians and their group leaders, and ongoing communication between participants, their twins and hosts. Youth are provided with opportunities to reflect on their experiences with one another as well as with their school and/or community organization thereby widening the scope of the exchange. Some youth continue to volunteer with community organizations as a result. In addition, group leaders participate in a post-exchange follow up interview with the YMCA, and best practices are shared.

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