Risks- Identification and Plan to manage

When creating your Host Plan, you are expected to identify any risks associated with the planned activities and to state the plan for reducing and managing the risks.

 For example, if you have listed swimming as an activity, you must identify the risks associated with swimming and state a risk management plan such as, “Have a water safety briefing with both groups and make sure there are adequate lifeguards on site.


If your group and your twin group come from very different environments, look at your planned activities from a broad view of risk.  For example, some groups from rural communities may have members who have never taken public transit in an urban setting before.  Your Plan should identify the risks of potential loss or general feeling of insecurity and identify a plan such as, “Have a brief session on transit travel safety; match visiting students to a local buddy; have a back-up plan for anyone who may miss the right stop, etc.” 

Similarly, riding a snowmobile or worrying about frostbite may be new to some participants living in southern Canada. 

In your Host Plan, the YMCA is looking for you to show that you have a thorough understanding of risk, that you have considered the needs of both groups and that you have a solid risk management plan in place.


If you have any questions about specific activities or risk management, please connect with your Regional Coordinator.

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