Waivers (or Releases of Liability) are written agreements that state that the sponsor of an activity will not be liable for harm suffered by the participants. 

Most often, waivers are used when participants are engaged in any sort of physical activity (such as rock climbing). 

In assessing the risk of your planned activities, you, your organization or your twin Group Leader may identify the need for signed waivers. 

You may determine to create your own Release of Liability document for a particular activity that involves risk or you may be hoping to do an event with a third party that requires a signed waiver by the students’ parent/guardian. 

The YMCA has included this question in the Host Plan as a tool for you.  Our intention is that you will think thoroughly of the potential risks of an activity and how you may protect yourselves and your youth participants. 

Identifying these early on will also give you the time to collect the documentation you need and to connect with the youth and their parent(s)/guardian(s).

In reviewing your Host Plan, if there is any activity that the YMCA would consider as high risk, in addition to looking for a thorough Risk Management Plan, we will be looking for your identification of the necessity of waivers.


There are a lot of helpful resources online on the subject of waivers and we also recommend that you check in with your administrators and directors.


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