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Group Leader Orientation - Virtual Exchanges

All Group Leaders in the YMCA Virtual Exchange program will be provided with a comprehensive orientation to the program.

The orientation will be provided virtually via Zoom, and will be coordinated nationally with all our Regional Coordinators and Group Leaders across Canada. The orientation will be provided in a group format over a few 60-90 min sessions, spaced out over a few weeks.  

Where a group orientation is not possible, a one-on-one session or small group session will be arranged. 

During Group Leader Orientation...  

  • Group Leaders get to meet each other and share ideas, and have an opportunity to ask questions.

  • Group Leaders receive orientation on paperwork, the exchange cycle, host planning, safety, and youth engagement.

  • Regional Coordinators are able to assess the Group Leader’s level of experience and understanding of the program. Regional Coordinators can then determine which groups  require additional support throughout the exchange.

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