Group Leader Orientation

All Group Leaders in the YMCA Youth Exchanges Canada Program will be provided with a comprehensive orientation to the program.  In most cases this occurs through group facilitation offered by the Regional Coordinators in each region.  Where this is not possible, Regional Coordinators will train the Group Leader one on one or where distance does not allow, this will be accomplished through a conference call. 


Through Group Leader Orientation, the YMCA is able to review program objectives and share best practice ideas.  This provides an opportunity for Group Leaders to meet each other and share ideas. The YMCA is also able to provide a consistent message to all Leaders about the importance of achieving the program objectives.  Leaders are given support and orientation on completing required paperwork, and steps to planning a successful exchange.  Training includes discussions on ideas for pre-exchange, host plan, and post-exchange activities.  Peer leadership is used by asking Group Leaders who have participated previously, to share their experiences so that less experienced leaders can understand the potential impact that the program has on participants.


Monitoring occurs within this training.  Regional Coordinators are able to assess the Group Leader’s level of experience and understanding of the program’s purpose.  This allows them to determine groups that may require additional support throughout the exchange cycle.  

Please chick on your region to find out when/where the Group Leader Orientation is happening! 

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