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High School Credit Offering  

The YMCA Youth Exchanges Canada program is pleased to offer the option of obtaining a high school credit to youth participating in a virtual or travel-based exchange.  

As a group organizer, you would facilitate the exchange and deliver the course curriculum with your youth participants.  

The YMCA Academy would issue the credit to successful students. The YMCA Academy is an Ontario Ministry of Education inspected, independent alternative school in Toronto, Ontario. 


The course is PLF4M -- Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership, Grade 12, from the Ontario curriculum. 

Credit Transfer  

  • Credits obtained through the program are in many cases transferrable to schools outside of Ontario (e.g. in other provinces), subject to the school’s acceptance.  

  • If you are part of a school group, please discuss the credit transfer with the guidance counselor at your school.  

  • If you are part of a community group, please work with your youth to discuss the credit transfer with their school(s) guidance counselor.  



  • The YMCA Youth Exchanges Program proves a toolkit outlining the curriculum objectives and how they fit within the exchange program, with example activities and assessments.  

  • The activities and assessments are flexible based on the group’s objectives.  


Before starting the course with your students, you would: 

  • Participate in an orientation session with the YMCA Academy online. This will cover the course requirements and administrative processes.  

  • Provide your Regional Coordinator with a course plan, example assignments, rubrics, and a class list.  


After successful completion of the program and once you have submitted the necessary documentation, the YMCA Academy will issue a letter of completion for each student.  Students will provide this letter to their Principal/Administrator for credit transfer for those students outside Ontario. 

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