Documents and Guides - Travel Based Exchanges

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The list below contains the documents that are listed on the checklist and are needed to complete your exchange. You can click on them and they will take you to more information. 

Guides and Resources

host guide.JPG

The Host guide is for parents/guardians or alternate host who will be hosting youth in their home during the exchange.

youth guide.JPG

The Youth guide is for the youth in your group and should be provided to them as early as possible in the planning process. 

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Workbook for Group Leaders

1. Building the Group


  • Confirming Group Members

  • Holding Meetings

  • Example Group Building Activities

2. Planning the Exchange


  • Working With Your Twin Leader

  • Working with the Parents

  • Planning Activities

  • Matching Twins 

  • Publicity 

4. Culture Shock and Cultural Competency 


  • Exploring Culture 

  • Culture Shock

  • Cultural Competency 

  • Example Activities 

5. Travelling and Hosting


  • Billeting Arrangements

  • Common Stay Arrangements

  • Keeping Everyone Safe

  • Reporting Procedures

  • Mental Health First Aid

3. Money Matters


  • Developing Your Budget

  • Fundraising Tips and Ideas

  • Fundraising Templates

6. Post-Exchange


  • Debriefing with the Group 

  • Staying Connected with Your Group 

  • Staying Connected With Your Twin

  • Example Debrief Activities