Special Measures


January 15 2020

Special Measures have been adopted to encourage all Canadian youth to particpate in the YMCA Youth Exchanges Canada Program.

The Special Measures Client Fund offers many groups that face barriers to participation the opportunity to experience a reciprocal exchange.

Groups are expected to pay as much as possible of their special measures costs through their own fundraising.  Often groups can only raise enough to cover their local travel and activities.


Generally, the following measures may be eligible for funding

  • Extra Group Leaders - for younger groups and groups that need more support.  Each request is considered on its own merits.

  • Common Stay Including Breakfast (Alternative Housing Arrangements) - if possible explore billeting first because it allows participants to develop a stronger understanding and friendship with their twin.  It also ensures a higher degree of supervision.  During a common stay a few leaders are responsibile for the entire group.  Sometimes, however, billeting is not possible.  If so, requests for common stays are evaluated to see if hosting is a barrier.

  • Modified Vehicles for Participants

  • Interpreters, Guides and Special Assistants

  • Age Exceptions


All requests are considered individually, according to the group's needs.  If a challenge exists that is a barrier to participation, additional funding may be provided.


What is not funded:

  • Substitute Teachers

  • Local Activities

  • Local Travel

  • Meals while travelling


Please speak to your Regional Coordinator to discuss your group's individual needs and for the appropriate documents to apply for these funds.

Requests must be submitted and approved prior to tickets being purchased so if you feel that there may be a need, discuss this with your Regional Coordinator as soon as possible.


Unapproved expenses during the exchange will not be covered unless there is an emergency or a situation that compromises participants' safety.



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