The National Team


Hello, my name is Darryl Sherwin and I am the Senior General Manager for National Programs including both the Summer Work Student Exchange and YMCA Youth Exchanges Canada Programs. I have been with the YMCA for 29years and started working at the Y with school-age children and summer camps while I was in University. Over my career I have had the pleasure of working with many great colleagues and participants. My favorite to do at work is to get out of the office and meet those who are part of these two great programs!

I wish everyone the best and look forward to our paths crossing someday!

My name is Erin  Gorman and I am the National Manager of the YMCA Youth Exchanges Canada Program. I am from Toronto, Ontario. I love going to our local farmer’s market on the weekend. My first exchange experience was at 14 when my family and I hosted a young woman from France and then I spent a month with her and her family in Versailles!



Hello! I am Kamini Sonnadara and I have been working with the Youth Exchanges Program since 2002 as an administrative staff.
I currently live in Toronto, and I have had the privilege of living in four different continents in my life. Being exposed to different cultures and environments at an early age has instilled in me a system of values that enables me to live in harmony with my surroundings.

Hello! My name is Jesse Leduc-Robert and I’m the National Program Coordinator for the YMCA Youth Exchanges Canada program. I'm bilingual  and grew up in Ontario while speaking French as a first language. On my first exchange, I did a semester abroad in Finland. In my spare time I love to swim, hike, garden, and cook. 

My name is Huda Sajjad and I am the Regional Coordinator for BC. I live in Vancouver and enjoy spending time outdoors. I love hiking, reading and exploring the city. Although I have not had the chance to monitor an Exchange, it is very exciting to speak with groups who have enriching, long lasting experiences through this wonderful program.  


Hi everyone, I’m Karen Romero and I'm the Regional Coordinator for the Prairies and Territories. I’ve lived in Edmonton all my life and was fortunate enough to go on an exchange to Quebec as group leader and now I’m having fun experiencing the Youth Exchanges Program from the other side.

Hi I’m Joanne Reinhold,I have been the  Ontario Coordinator for the YMCA Youth Exchanges Canada Program since 2000.
I live in Toronto and love all the city has to offer. I love the outdoors,working around the house and spending time on the water with my husband in our kayaks.
My first exchange experience was 22 years ago when I spent six weeks in the Czech Republic on an international exchange. Then two years later I started with this program and have been involved in over 450 exchanges and have had the opportunity to visit every province and territory, some more than once!
I just celebrated 25 years of employment with the YMCA!

I love my job and would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in seeing all that this country has to offer.

My name is Chris Craig and I am the YMCA Youth Exchanges Canada Regional Coordinator for Quebec and the Atlantic. I have lived all over Canada and have been travelling extensively since I was a young boy. I have lived in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and now I call Quebec home. I am a musician, a writer, a cook, an activist and most importantly a father. I love the summer festival season in Montreal and I am thrilled that we once again are permitted to enjoy food trucks.

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