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Project Costs Funding 

Through the Special Measures Client Fund, the program is able to offer additional funding of up to $5000 to support virtual exchange groups in meeting the needs of their participants.  

Example expenses that can be funded through Project Costs:  

  • Technological equipment (iPads, phone, internet) 

  • Postage 

  • Food 

  • Other program supplies needed to facilitate activities, such as admission fees, and honorariums. 


To apply for Project Costs funding, you will need to submit:  

  • A letter explaining your proposed expenses 

  • A budget  

  • Special Measures application form 


Please speak to your Regional Coordinator to discuss your group's individual needs and for the appropriate documents to apply for these funds. 


Once your Project Costs application has been processed, your Regional Coordinator will let you know if it has been approved.  


The National Office will forward 50 % of the funds and ask that you fill out a Project Cost Acknowledgment letter.  


At the end of the program, you will need to submit: 

  • A copy of your itemized receipts  

  • The completed Reconciliation Spreadsheet detailing your expenses  

After the expenses have been reconciled, the National Office will forward the remaining funds to your group.  

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