Group Participant Fees

This fee is based on $75 per member including adult chaperones. This is submitted with all the rest of your paperwork.

Please make your cheque payable to YMCA of Greater Toronto.

If you require an invoice for this please contact us or contact

Backgrounder to participant fees:


The YMCA Youth Exchanges Canada Program offers youth within Canada the opportunity to participate in a cultural exchange program.  

The majority of the funding for this program comes from the department of Canadian Heritage. However, the program is not completely funded by the government and therefore the YMCA raises a small amount of revenue through the collection of participant fees.


Since the government funding has remained stable without any increases for the last decade and the program administrative costs continue to increase, the Participant fees revenue has played an important role to help the YMCA continue to deliver a quality program across Canada.  


This revenue stream makes possible program directives such as the Youth Advisory Committee which helps the program to continue to be relevant to youth who participate.  We also use these funds to offset items such as some additional promotional work and to cover required expenses that are not part of the funding agreement with Canadian Heritage.


May 2012

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