Process/Next Steps

  • Application received by YMCA 


  • Regional Coordinator reviews application and contacts the Group Leader. Notes and or changes to application are made based on this conversation.


  • Applications are reviewed by the National Team and considered for twinning.


  • Groups are twinned based on selection criteria

    • Age

    • Size

    • Interest

    • Cost

*Any groups coming in pre twinned will be quoted on at the time of the application received.


  • Potential offer letter sent to the Group Leader via the Coordinator in their region if an appropriate or suitable twin has been found.


  • Communication begins between both Group Leaders around group size and timing of the exchange.


  • Please make sure you have some potential dates in mind to speed up this process. If you are doing a common stay make sure you know what is available in your area for that time period.  This may mean that you can only host when the space is available.


  • Number of Participants should be the same for each group to ease the hosting burden.


  • Once an agreement has been reached and Board/District/Organizational approval has been granted the Acceptance of Twinning form is returned to your Regional Coordinator.  The deadline to return this form is typically one week.


  • Once both groups have accepted and the dates and numbers match, you have an official exchange.


  • An  Acknowledgement of Conditions of Participation letter will be sent out to you with a list of the documents needed, the name of your travel agent, your group number and a deadline for said documents. This Acknowledgement Letter will require an authorized signature and must be returned to your Regional Coordinator by the date given.


  • Group Leaders must connect with their Travel Agent as soon as they receive this letter to review and confirm both yours and your twin’s travel itinerary and then deposits are made.


  • Travel agents will email a proposed itinerary for both groups. These itineraries must be confirmed by the Group Leaders within 48 hrs. to ensure dates are secured.


  • Any discrepancies between what was submitted to the YMCA and discussed with UNIGLOBE will be brought to YMCA’s attention and schedules, numbers etc. are revised as necessary.


  • Any and all changes at any point to group composition/names/dates, etc., must be authorized by the YMCA.



  • Group Leader Orientation takes place during November and December.  Please speak to your Regional Coordinator about this orientation.


  • At this point groups begin the planning process of their hosting week, building their group and communicating with their twin.


  • Groups are also working with their Regional Coordinator to meet their deadlines for paperwork submission. The deadlines are determined by the date of travel for the first group. Please confirm with your Regional Coordinator these specific dates.





  • Group Leaders submit any paperwork to their Regional Coordinator via courier to ensure delivery.


  • Once original ( not copies of consents ) paperwork is received at the Regional Office it is reviewed and a summary of the documents received is sent for follow up.  Any delays to completing these follow ups could result in a cancellation or change of exchange dates.


  • You will receive water bottles, lanyards name and luggage tags after all paperwork and participant fees have been submitted.



  • Group Leaders twin their youth and communication between the youth continues.



  • 30 days prior to departure electronic tickets are purchased, processed, and all travel components are invoiced only with the YMCA’s authorization. You and your twin must have met all required paperwork submissions prior to the purchase of your tickets for travel.


(Spring Exchanges: Due to Funder agreement on purchasing tickets, any groups travelling in May or June will have deadlines in early March to ensure sufficient time to meet these deadlines.)


  • The Billet List is due to your Regional Coordinator, two weeks before you host. Your Regional Coordinator will cross reference the list with the approved references on file and final Participant list from your twin.  If there are any additions or omissions from the original submission then these changes need to be discussed with your Coordinator.


  • Your travel documents will be emailed to you from your travel agent, two weeks prior to travel only with the YMCA’s authorization. This is based on the submission of ALL outstanding documents and participant fees.


  • All necessary corrections, cancellations, and adjustments must be made no later than 72 hours prior to travel.


  • At this point groups will travel and host.


  • If there are any issues during this time, Group Leaders will connect with their Regional Coordinator/Travel Agent to resolve.


  • Should you require traveler assistance during your exchange UNIGLOBE may be contacted during EST business hours or through the traveler’s help line 1-800-206-1595 quote SOS code 2DJ2.  Please note your reservation code on the bottom of your itinerary.



  • When the exchange is complete Group Leaders will receive an email with Program Evaluation information that needs to be completed within two weeks.


Please feel free to share any media/photos and stories of your exchange as they are shared with our Funder which enhances the exchange story we tell.



If you are experiencing difficulty with this website please contact us.  Please let us know what your issue is