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Process at a Glance - Virtual Exchanges 

Application Phase 

  • Application received and reviewed by the YMCA  

  • Groups are twinned based on a selection criterion 

    • Age

    • Size

    • Interest 

Twinning Offer  

  • We will send the Group Leader a twinning offer letter, if a potential twin has been found. 

  • Communication begins between both Group Leaders around group size, timelines for participation, objectives, expectations and access to technology. 

  • Once ready, the Acceptance of Twinning form is returned to your Regional Coordinator within 1-2 weeks. 

Once both groups have accepted and the dates and numbers match, you have an official exchange! 

A grey map of Canada. There are two computer screens at the bottom, each with the icon of 4 heads. There is a speech bubble coming from each computer. The YMCA logo is at the top in red. At the bottom it reads "YMCA Virtual Exchange Program"

Conditional Letter  

  • Once we have received the acceptance of twinning from both groups, we can confirm your exchange and begin working towards paperwork deadlines. 

  • A Conditional letter will be sent out to you with a list of the documents needed, your group number and a deadline for said documents.  

  • This Letter will require an authorized signature from you and your supervisor. 


  • The group starts planning hosting activities together 

  • Research home and host communities 

  • Group Leaders twin their youth and encourages communication between youth 

  • Group Leader works to complete the paperwork by the deadlines 

Exchange – Hosting Activities  

  • Both groups participate in online activities together. They take turns “hosting” each other virtually.  

  • Youth build relationships via technology.  

  • Groups experience the diversity of Canada by visiting the twin community and learn to see their own community through their "twin's eyes" when hosting. 


To bring closure to the exchange experience, it's important to provide an opportunity for everyone involved to talk as a group about the highlights and challenges of the exchange, as well as what they learned.

  • Group debriefs with the youth

  • Youth are sharing their experience with the community

  • Youth are maintaining connections

  • Group Leader completes the post-exchange report

  • Youth and Group Leader completes the surveys

  • Group Leader participates in a follow-up call with Regional Coordinator

  • Group Leader shares photos/videos with Regional Coordinator

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