Exchange Plan

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The Exchange Plan is a collection of documents that are all neccessary for your exchange. Download your exchange plan at the top of this page.  Please save your Exchange Plan using your group name.

This completed document should be sent electronically to your Regional Coordinator.

To help plan your activities safely, see this Fact Sheet on Safety.

What is the Exchange Plan?

  • The exchange plan is intended to help your group plan your exchange, from beginning to end.  

  • The exchange plan helps us understand what groups are doing during their exchange and includes information we need to report on.

  • The exchange plan is also a tool for your Regional Coordinator to provide you with feedback and support during your exchange.  

  • Collecting information in the exchange plan helps us assess your group’s readiness to travel and host.  

  • It helps us ensure that exchanges are safe and fall within YMCA guidelines and policies.