Hosting Documents

Steps for screening
  1. Ask the parents to fill out the Parent or Legal Guardian Hosting Contract and  References Form (Form 5) when they fill out the Participant’s Consent and Contract (Form 1).

  2. Using the Interviewing Reference Questions  (Form 6), contact  three of the four references for every family.

  3. If you think it will help you make a decision, interview the host family at home.

  4. Notify the family of your decision. If you decide they are unsuitable to host, notify them in writing but do not give any explanation. We’ve included a sample denial letter.

  5. Complete all the paperwork and keep it safely locked away.

  6. Sign the Leader’s Acceptance form (Form 2) to confirm that you have screened all the host families and send it to the YMCA Exchange office.

There are a number of documents that are used in the hosting portion of the Exchange.

Family References and Interviews

The Family References and Interviews is used for every participant that is going to billet in home.

  • Reference checks should be done with the utmost respect for the families and their privacy, while gaining enough assurance that the family will be a suitable host.

  • Please refer to page 21-22 of your Workbook for Exchange Leaders for steps for the screening.

  • Three Family References need to be completed and the ORIGINAL interview forms MUST be returned to your Regional Office no later than the due date given to your group.

  • Double check that all references are NOT family members or related in any way.

  • Suitable people could include but not limited too employer, co-worker, family doctor or your child’s teacher or principal.

  • Ensure that each of the references are signed and dated by the person that conducted the interview and that as a Group Leader you have approved all families that are hosting and have signed off on all references.

  • Ensure that the interviewer and the reference are not the same person.

  • If you are doing a common stay you will not need to submit these forms.


Alternate Host Contract

The Alternate Host Contract will be used by other members of your community that will be involved in the hosting of visiting youth, but do not have youth involved in the exchange.  You will have them complete this document and the Family Reference document and you will proceed to check the three references as you would with a participant.

Billet List

The Billet List will contain the names and contact details for each family that is hosting during the exchange. 

This must be submitted to your Regional Coordinator at least two weeks before your group hosts.  If there are shared billeting responsibilities during the hosting week then please indicate which days the family is hosting on the list.

In some cases there may be a need to move youth to a new host family.  If this is the case, make sure your Regional Coordinator is aware and then submit a revised Billet List as soon as possible. 


Common Stay Arrangements

Your group may be involved in a common stay arrangement, either as part of the host plan, such as a camping trip or group sleep over, or one that is needed to remove barriers to participation.

Common stays are usually in school dorms, camps or hostels.  In general, hotels are not considered because they are expensive and accessible to the public.  Also, you have less control over who stays in the hotel. 

If a common stay is in your plan you must complete the Common Stay Information Form and share this with your twin. Once you have shared it, have them sign page two and three and return it to your Regional Coordinator with the rest of your paperwork.

If the common stay is to remove barriers, this is considered a Special Measure and will require you to discuss this with your Regional Coordinator before you proceed.

Before the YMCA will approve common stay arrangements, you have to provide:

  • ​a description of the location, including the facilities, their layout and any risks such as unsupervised

pools, lakes or places with liquor licences. Include a brochure or other print material if possible.


  • a list of measures that will ensure the safety of the group members, including how they are to be

allocated rooms; supervision protocols, particularly after hours; and procedures to minimize risks.


  • If the common stay is part of a request for special measures, you submit the form along with the initial common stay letter and a quote for costs.


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